Child Custody & Visitation

Child custody is the most difficult issue of any family law proceeding.  Because the outcome can impact the relationship with your children for the rest of your life, a case involving child custody case can be potentially damaging.  At the Saghera Law Group, we are sensitive to the needs of parents and children and work hard to achieve results that are best for our clients.  We have the skill and understanding to assist families in reaching resolutions to these highly emotional and sensitive matters.

It is critical that parties in child custody disputes are properly informed and represented by their attorney on California law.  Child custody laws in California dictate that decisions regarding child custody are based on what is in the child’s “best interests.”  This is the heart of every child custody case.  At the Saghera Law Group, we will actively engage in settlement negotiations or vigorously litigate your child custody case.  We are experienced family law attorneys who will guide you through the process in a reassuring and informative manner.  All of our clients are fully advised of their rights, responsibilities and applicable legal procedures so they can understand what options are available to them and their children.

The best child custody attorney is the one that puts your child’s needs first.  At the Saghera Law Group, your children are our utmost priority.  Through our diligent efforts, we will help you reach sound decisions that safeguard the future of your children and your relationships with them.

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Children are precious.  At the Saghera Law Group, we have the knowledge and experience to represent your interests under California state child custody laws.  We will handle your child custody dispute with compassion, diligence and economy without sacrificing our high quality of service.  If you need further assistance, please call us or schedule a no-charge consultation today.