Divorce & Separation

Going through a divorce will be one of the most difficult challenges you will ever face in your life.  It essentially involves the break-up and restructuring of your family.  The process is especially difficult when children are involved and disputes arise over custody, visitation, child support, spousal support or when there are financial disputes over property and assets.  Divorce is emotionally, psychologically and financially draining.  People experiencing divorce often describe it as a “train wreck.”

For each of these reasons, it is critical to have the support of an experienced and caring lawyer to represent you throughout the divorce process.  Decisions made during the divorce process can impact the rest of your life, the lives of your children, and your extended family.  Hiring the right divorce attorney can assist to ease your burden.  At the Saghera Law Group, we understand and appreciate the difficulties involved in divorce.  We will help navigate you through this process.

Experienced and Goal-Oriented Legal Advocates.  With more than two decades of legal experience, our attorneys and legal team will effectively represent you and fight for your best interests every step of the way.  As seasoned litigators and trial lawyers, we also have the ability, experience, and legal savvy to fight and protect your legal rights in court if your divorce becomes contentious.

Straightforward, Honest Representation:  We provide clients with straightforward and honest answers to their questions.  We will give you candid advice during the entire divorce process, while helping you develop realistic goals based on the applicable laws and circumstances of your particular situation.  We will then advocate and fight for your interests to achieve your goals with the vision of expediting the resolution of the dispute.  Whether in resolving the divorce itself, attaining a fair division of the marital assets and property, or resolving appropriate child custody, visitation, or support, or any other aspect of your family law case, we will ensure that your rights are protected.

Compassionate, Understanding, and Personalized Service.  We are compassionate, understanding, and empathic.  We truly care about our clients.  We understand the stress and tension that divorce entails.  During the entire divorce process, we will provide you personalized service and attention as both your attorneys and friend.

All Aspects of Family Law.  Our law firm provides legal services in the following aspects of family law:

  • Divorce (i.e., Dissolution of Marriage)
  • Legal Separation
  • Annulment of Marriage
  • Pre-Marital and Post-Marital Agreements
  • Paternity Proceedings
  • Child Custody & Visitation
  • Grandparent Visitation Rights
  • Child Support
  • Spousal Support (i.e., Alimony or Maintenance)
  • Division of Property
  • Domestic Partnerships
  • Adoption – Domestic and International
  • Guardianship
  • Alternative Dispute Resolution for Marital Disputes
  • Domestic Violence
  • Restraining Orders
  • Contempt & Enforcement Actions

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At the Saghera Law Group, we have the knowledge and experience to represent your interests under California state dissolution laws.  We will handle your divorce with precision and economy without sacrificing our high quality of service.  If you need further assistance, please call us or schedule a no-charge consultation today.