Resolution and Results

If you are seeking a family law attorney, then clearly things are in a state of conflict.  At the Saghera Law Group, our core focus is to find a solution to your situation allowing you to move forward to better and happier times.  To accomplish this, our approach is different.  We believe that bitterly contested litigation is not only counter-productive but is expensive and destructive beyond comprehension.  We believe there is a better way.  With our assistance, we will guide you through your conflict in the most efficient and cost-effective manner while preserving your rights and obtaining the best possible results for your situation.

Our Simple Approach to Your Family Law Matter

Beginning with the initial consultation, we patiently take the time to understand your individual situation, then explore and discuss all of your available options with emphasis on how best to resolve your conflicts which may have already escalated to nastiness.  Not all cases can avoid court appearances and judicial determinations.  However, it should not be the role of the family lawyer to fuel the fire and march headlong into battle without thinking about the consequences or considering alternative options.

There are no winners in a high conflict divorce or custody cases and the financial and emotional cost of contentious litigation with uncertain and unpredictable outcomes is daunting.  There can be lasting and devastating effects on the individuals involved and particularly on their children who should be shielded and protected throughout the process.

Aggressive Advocacy With Good Advice

After 24 years of practice, we have learned that it is possible to be a zealous advocate for clients AND a passionate peacemaker committed to locating a common ground and path toward resolution.  We have learned that “compromise” is not a dirty word, nor a sign of weakness, but instead is a useful and necessary tool that can and will lead to a dissipation of conflict and ultimately a mutually satisfying resolution. We have learned that our role as “counselor” is often far more important than our role as an advocate.  There is often a better way.

Contact the Saghera Law Group Today

If you are considering divorce, are involved in a disagreement over custody or have other family law related issues, we invite you contact us to discuss your situation.  Your choice of counsel can be the single most important decision you make that will guide the course and path of your family law matter.  We are here to help and guide you through this process and help you find a solution to your current troubles.